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Little People Big Dreams My First Mahatma Gandhi (Board Book) /anglais

This book is about Mahatma Gandhi
Introduce your little ones to a towering figure of peace and racial justice with the board book "Little People Big Dreams My First Mahatma Gandhi." Published on April 28, 2020, as part of the critically acclaimed and bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, this book invites preschool to kindergarten-aged children to explore the remarkable life of Mahatma Gandhi, the revered father of India. From his rebellious teenage years to his emergence as a proponent of Hindu principles and a crusader for unity and peace, Gandhi's journey is beautifully narrated with simple sentences perfect for young listeners. The book not only tells the tale of Gandhi's peaceful protests that aimed to end British rule but also highlights his efforts to bridge divides between people of all religions and races. Through stylish illustrations and engaging storytelling, this board book serves as an inspiring introduction to one of the world's most iconic activists, encouraging the youngest of readers to dream big and learn the importance of fairness and unity. Engage your child with the story of a man who believed in the strength of nonviolent resistance and became a global symbol of the fight for racial justice.
Published by FRANCES LINCOLN on April 28, 2020
24 pages
ISBN: 9780711246089
Best for readers in Preschool & Kindergarten
This book provides valuable insights into Racial Justice , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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