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Non-Violent Resistance (Satyagraha)

This book is about Mahatma Gandhi
"Non-Violent Resistance (Satyagraha)" delves into the profound principles and practices of Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of Satyagraha, a cornerstone of non-violent activism that not only led India to independence but also inspired movements worldwide, including the American civil rights struggle. Published on May 29, 2001, this compelling book articulates Gandhi's vision of achieving change not through force but by appealing to the opponent's sense of reason and ethics. Readers are guided through the nuances of this approach, learning how it diverges from mere passive resistance and intersects with ideas like Thoreau’s civil disobedience. Covering a spectrum from the importance of self-discipline and community service to the strategic use of non-cooperation tactics like fasting and boycotts, the book offers invaluable insights into building a non-violent "army" for justice. Middle school students exploring the realms of racial justice will find this work both educational and transformative, encouraging a deeper understanding of non-violence as a powerful tool for social change.
Published by Dover Publications on May 29, 2001
432 pages
ISBN: 9780486416069
Best for readers in Middle School
This book provides valuable insights into Racial Justice , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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