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Cover of the book God's Dream by Desmond Tutu (26-Jan-2010) Board book

God's Dream by Desmond Tutu (26-Jan-2010) Board book

This book is about Desmond Tutu
"God's Dream" by Desmond Tutu is a heartfelt picture book that invites preschool and kindergarten children into a world where unity and forgiveness are foundational. Published on January 26, 2010, this board book captures Archbishop Desmond Tutu's vision of a society where individuals, regardless of how they speak to God, or their physical appearances, see each other as brothers and sisters. With a narrative enhanced by vivid, engaging artwork, the book illustrates poignant scenes like a sharing circle and a vibrant rainbow, symbolizing diversity and connection. Through simple yet profound text, Tutu conveys his ubuntu philosophy—fostering a spirit of togetherness and reconciliation among the young. Ideal for discussions on gender equality, racial justice, and religious freedom, "God's Dream" encourages little ones to reach out, connect, and forgive, laying the groundwork for a more compassionate world. How will you help weave this tapestry of forgiveness and unity in your community?
Published by Candlewick Press on January 26, 2010
32 pages
ISBN: 9781536223538
Best for readers in Preschool & Kindergarten
This book provides valuable insights into Gender EqualityRacial Justice, and Religious Freedom, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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