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Children of God Storybook Bible

This book is about Desmond Tutu
"Children of God Storybook Bible" is a luminous blend of spiritual wonder and artistic expression, ideal for young readers aged 4 to 8. Published on August 14, 2010, this engaging large format hardcover book brings to life over fifty beloved Bible stories, as retold by the revered social justice leader and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Each story is vividly illustrated by globally recognized artists like Jago and E.B. Lewis, creating a tapestry of cultural richness that speaks to children of all nationalities. This book not only recounts tales from the garden of Eden to the mountaintops with Jesus but also deepens the connection through endearing personal prayers that relate directly to each reader's life. Perfect for thoughtful gifting during special occasions such as birthdays and baptisms, it's an invaluable resource for preschool to kindergarten learners, nurturing their understanding of religious freedom and the universal message of love and inclusivity preached by Desmond Tutu. Dive into these pages for a journey through faith, beautifully tailored to young hearts and minds.
Published by Zondervan on August 14, 2010
128 pages
ISBN: 9780310719120
Best for readers in Preschool & Kindergarten
This book provides valuable insights into Religious Freedom , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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