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El Viento se Agita al Atardecer (Spanish Edition)

This book is about Victor Jara
"El Viento se Agita al Atardecer" (The Wind Stirs at Dusk) captivates readers through the reflective and tranquil poetry of Isel Bolaños, published on February 26, 2024. Set against the lush backdrop of rural Chile, this Spanish edition explores the life and memories of Pancho Santa Cruz, whose verses are imbued with the simplicity and aroma of the countryside. Through a narrative enriched with elements like a tree, a pigeon loft, and a scarecrow, Bolaños poetically navigates the essence of environmental justice, echoing the principles cherished by social justice leader Victor Jara. The book provides a heartfelt journey into the soul, emphasizing hope, faith, and a divine quest for peace, truth, and justice. Ideal for elementary school readers, this poetic exploration encourages young minds to appreciate and advocate for the natural world around them, fostering a deeper connection to environmental justice themes. Engage with this serene and moving collection to discover how even the gentle evening breeze can stir a powerful call to protect our Earth.
Published by Independently published on February 26, 2024
80 pages
ISBN: 9798882899829
Best for readers in Elementary School
This book provides valuable insights into Environmental Justice , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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