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Cover of the book Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table (Food Heroes, 1)

Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table (Food Heroes, 1)

This book is about Will Allen
"Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table" is an enchanting journey into the life of Will Allen, an extraordinary farmer whose innovative visions transformed an abandoned city lot into a flourishing urban farm. Published on September 10, 2013, this book is the first in Jacqueline Briggs Martin’s Food Heroes series, which vividly brings to life the stories of individuals making significant contributions to the way we think about food and community. Will Allen, a former basketball star turned pioneering urban farmer, uses aquaponics and hydroponics to revolutionize farming in spaces where others saw limitation. His story, illustrated with striking artwork by Eric-Shabazz Larkin, not only inspires creativity and perseverance but also introduces elementary school children to important themes of environmental justice and sustainable practices. Awarded by the MacArthur Foundation and celebrated globally by the Points of Light Foundation, this book empowers young readers to see potential and hope in unexpected places.
Published by Readers to Eaters on September 10, 2013
32 pages
ISBN: 9780983661535
Best for readers in Elementary School
This book provides valuable insights into Environmental Justice , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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