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An unfinished song: The life of Victor Jara

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"An Unfinished Song: The Life of Victor Jara" vividly chronicles the life of the influential Chilean artist and activist, Victor Jara. Published on January 1, 1984, this biography delves into Jara's profound contributions to theater, music, and poetry, which became instrumental in the Chilean workers' movement. Through engaging narrative, readers explore how Jara's artistic genius intertwined with his unwavering commitment to indigenous rights and economic justice, making his story a beacon of resilience and advocacy. Middle school readers will find inspiration in Jara's dedication to cultural expression as a tool for social change, offering them a deep understanding of how art can engage with and influence the pressing issues of justice and equality. This book serves as a powerful reminder of how one individual's creativity can echo through the struggles and aspirations of an entire community, urging young readers to reflect on how they, too, can contribute to societal transformation.
Published by Ticknor & Fields on January 1, 1984
278 pages
ISBN: 9780899192796
Best for readers in Middle School
This book provides valuable insights into Economic Justice and Indigenous Rights, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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