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Burn My Heart

This book is about Beverley Naidoo
"Burn My Heart" by internationally acclaimed author Beverley Naidoo delves into the turbulent history of Kenya under British colonial rule, told through the gripping narrative of two boys—one black and one white—caught in the throes of the Mau Mau uprising. Once friends, their lives take dramatically different paths as the society around them crumbles under fear, prejudice, and violence. Set against the backdrop of a nation divided, Naidoo masterfully explores themes of racial justice and indigenous rights, weaving a story that is not only historically insightful but deeply moving. Published on August 28, 2007, this award-winning book offers middle school students a poignant look at friendship, betrayal, and the complexities of colonialism. "Burn My Heart" is a compelling invitation to reflect on past injustices and their lingering effects on present-day society.
Published by Puffin on August 28, 2007
224 pages
ISBN: 9780141321240
Best for readers in Middle School
This book provides valuable insights into Indigenous Rights and Racial Justice, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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