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Public Letters and Political Essays

This book is about Lysander Spooner
Dive into the sharp mind and fierce pen of Lysander Spooner in "Public Letters and Political Essays," a comprehensive anthology that resurrects the powerful editorials and provocative essays of one of the most outspoken figures of the 19th century. Published on May 13, 2019, this volume spans over four decades of Spooner's writings, exploring his unwavering advocacy for abolitionism, his critical perspectives on economic policies and his relentless critique of governmental corruption during the Gilded Age. Whether dissecting the Civil War, debating free banking, or commenting on the trial of President Garfield’s assassin, Spooner's work is imbued with a biting wit and a deep disdain for political duplicity. Essential for college students studying criminal justice reform, economic justice, or racial justice, this book not only enriches understanding but also ignites a passion for activism through the lens of historical wisdom and eternal principles of liberty. Engage with Spooner’s legacy and reflect: How can his unyielding quest for justice inform today’s struggles?
Published by American Institute for Economic Research on May 13, 2019
172 pages
ISBN: 9780913610732
Best for readers in College
This book provides valuable insights into Criminal Justice ReformEconomic Justice, and Racial Justice, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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