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Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream

This book is about Ibtihaj Muhammad
"Proud: My Fight for an Unlikely American Dream" is an inspiring memoir by Ibtihaj Muhammad that details her journey from a New Jersey schoolgirl to an Olympic fencer. As the only African American Muslim in her school, Ibtihaj faced unique challenges but found solace and strength in the sport of fencing, an arena typically dominated by the affluent. Her story is not just about sports but also a profound narrative on racial justice, gender equality, and religious freedom. Battling prejudice and exclusion, Ibtihaj broke barriers as the first woman of color and religious minority on Team USA's saber fencing squad, navigating her way through discrimination to Olympic success. Published on July 24, 2018, this book is a beacon for high school students, offering a powerful example of how perseverance and belief in oneself can overturn stereotypes and lead to groundbreaking achievements. "Proud" encourages readers to reflect on how they too can contribute to a more equitable society.
Published by Legacy Lit on July 24, 2018
288 pages
ISBN: 9780316518963
Best for readers in High School
This book provides valuable insights into Gender EqualityRacial Justice, and Religious Freedom, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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