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Prophet Against Slavery: Benjamin Lay, A Graphic Novel

This book is about Benjamin Lay
Step back into the 18th century with "Prophet Against Slavery: Benjamin Lay, A Graphic Novel," a vivid portrayal of an unyielding activist dwarf who stood against the tides of slavery and animal cruelty. Based on Marcus Rediker’s award-winning biography, this graphic novel by David Lester resurrects the fiery spirit of Benjamin Lay, a Quaker dwarf whose radical actions and guerrilla theatre tactics challenged the moral compass of his time. Born in 1682 in Essex, England, Lay’s experiences with prejudice fueled his crusade for the liberation of all oppressed beings. Through Lester’s compelling illustrations and narrative, readers will experience the humor, radicalism, and humanity of a man who, despite being ostracized, relentlessly advocated for justice. Complete with thought-provoking afterwords by Rediker and Paul Buhle, this book is a powerful reminder of how one person’s unwavering conviction can echo through the ages. Ideal for college students studying racial justice, it inspires reflection on how the echoes of history influence contemporary social movements. Published on November 2, 2021, "Prophet Against Slavery" challenges us to consider, "No justice, no peace!" and the impact of individual activism in the relentless pursuit of equity.
Published by Beacon Press on November 2, 2021
120 pages
ISBN: 9780807081792
Best for readers in College
This book provides valuable insights into Racial Justice , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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