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Cover of the book My Song: A Memoir of Art, Race, and Defiance

My Song: A Memoir of Art, Race, and Defiance

This book is about Harry Belafonte
In "My Song: A Memoir of Art, Race, and Defiance," readers are invited into the captivating journey of Harry Belafonte, an iconic figure whose influence transcends his achievements in entertainment to spotlight his profound commitment to racial justice. Born in the contrasting worlds of Harlem's hustle and the vibrant resilience of Jamaica, Belafonte emerged from the crucible of early hardships with a fiery resolve to effect change. After a transformative stint in the Navy during World War II, his artistic path led him from the theater stages to the heights of Hollywood and the recording industry. However, it was his indomitable spirit during the Civil Rights Movement, alongside his friendship with Martin Luther King, Jr., that defined his legacy. Belafonte used his stardom as a relentless force for activism, advocating for equality and human rights. Published on November 13, 2012, this memoir is not only a tribute to an extraordinary life but also a call to action, making it essential reading for college students studying social justice, particularly in the domain of racial equality.
Published by Vintage on November 13, 2012
512 pages
ISBN: 9780307473424
Best for readers in College
This book provides valuable insights into Racial Justice , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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