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James Baldwin: Artist on Fire, A Portrait

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"James Baldwin: Artist on Fire, A Portrait," delves into the compelling life of one of the most profound literary figures and social critics of the 20th century. This biographical masterpiece, published on March 28, 1989, offers an intimate exploration of James Baldwin's journey from the vibrant streets of Harlem to the intellectual cafés of Paris, and back to a tumultuous America where he tirelessly worked to dissect and discuss the complexities of racial injustice and human dignity. Written by a close confidante, the book paints a vivid portrait of Baldwin's evolution as both an artist and an activist, whose words continue to resonate in today's ongoing struggle for racial equality. Ideal for adult education classes, this narrative not only honors Baldwin's legacy but also serves as a crucial lens through which we can examine the persistent issues of race and equality. Engage with this powerful story and reflect on how Baldwin’s insights into racial dynamics can inform contemporary discussions and actions in the realm of social justice.
Published by Dutton Adult on March 28, 1989
412 pages
ISBN: 9781556111266
Best for readers in Adulthood
This book provides valuable insights into Racial Justice , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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