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Ida B. Wells: Let the Truth Be Told

This book is about Ida B. Wells
"Ida B. Wells: Let the Truth Be Told" is a captivating picture book biography that spotlights the indomitable spirit of Ida B. Wells. Written by award-winning author Walter Dean Myers and illustrated with historical precision by Bonnie Christensen, this book takes readers back to the roots of civil rights activism through the life of one of its earliest pioneers. Before the era of boycotts and freedom rides, Wells was a formidable force against racial injustice and a vocal advocate for gender equality and voting rights. Using her pen as her weapon, Wells's fearless journey against the horrors of lynching and her unwavering demand for justice are brought to life for young readers. This biography not only educates but also inspires, making it a valuable resource for elementary school students exploring the complexities of America's social justice history. Published on October 28, 2008, this narrative uses Wells's own words to paint a portrait of a woman who never tired of fighting for equality, urging readers to reflect on how far we have come and how far we still must go.
Published by Amistad Books for Young Readers on October 28, 2008
40 pages
ISBN: 9780060277055
Best for readers in Elementary School
This book provides valuable insights into Gender EqualityRacial Justice, and Political Justice, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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