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I Am an American: The Wong Kim Ark Story

This book is about Wong Kim Ark
"I Am an American: The Wong Kim Ark Story" is a poignant and award-winning picture book that captures a pivotal moment in American history through the eyes of Wong Kim Ark, a young man born in San Francisco who finds himself barred from his homeland after a trip to China. Faced with the denial of his nationality, Wong Kim Ark's courageous decision to challenge the U.S. Supreme Court lays the groundwork for a landmark victory that would affirm the right to citizenship for all born on American soil. Published on November 23, 2021, this ALA Notable Book for Children and Woodson Award winner not only educates elementary school readers about the struggles surrounding racial justice, immigrant rights, and voting rights but also celebrates the resilience and persistence needed to challenge and change unfair laws. This narrative, rich in historical context, invites young readers to reflect on the ongoing implications of Wong Kim Ark’s fight for recognition and justice.
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers on November 23, 2021
40 pages
ISBN: 9780316426923
Best for readers in Elementary School
This book provides valuable insights into Immigrant RightsRacial Justice, and Political Justice, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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