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Freedom Faith: The Womanist Vision of Prathia Hall

This book is about Prathia Hall
In "Freedom Faith: The Womanist Vision of Prathia Hall," readers discover the powerful narrative of Rev. Dr. Prathia Hall, an influential yet often overlooked figure in the civil rights movement and theological spheres. Published on June 15, 2019, this critical study delves into Hall’s profound belief in 'freedom faith'—the divine entitlement of all humans to freedom, supported by God in the struggle for justice. Author Courtney Pace explores Hall's life, from her civil rights activism to her impactful roles as a womanist preacher and educator, highlighting Hall’s integration of social justice with Christian practice and womanist thought. As one of the first women ordained in the American Baptist Churches USA and a mentor to icons like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Hall's story is a beacon for those interested in the intersections of education equity, racial justice, gender equality, and religious freedom. This book is particularly suited for adult education settings, where Hall’s life work encourages critical reflection on how faith can actively influence social change.
Published by University of Georgia Press on June 15, 2019
332 pages
ISBN: 9780820355061
Best for readers in Adulthood
This book provides valuable insights into Education EquityGender EqualityRacial Justice, and Religious Freedom, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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