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Eleanor Roosevelt, Vol. 1: 1884-1933

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Immerse yourself in the profound narrative of "Eleanor Roosevelt, Vol. 1: 1884-1933," where the early years of America's most influential First Lady unfold, revealing the intersection of personal tribulation and public triumph. Born into the dual inheritance of privilege and challenge, Eleanor Roosevelt transcended her aristocratic roots and personal adversities, including a family marred by alcoholism, to champion pivotal social justice causes. This compelling volume, published on March 1, 1993, traces Eleanor's journey from her upbringing, through her education and tumultuous marriage, to her husband's ascent to the Presidency. It is a story of resilience and reform, highlighting her relentless fight against racial injustice and her pivotal role in advancing women's rights. Acclaimed by scholars and activists alike, this biography not only captures the essence of a political powerhouse but also serves as an inspiring testament to the impact of personal integrity on public advocacy. Ideal for college students studying gender equality and racial justice, this book lays bare the foundations of a legacy that reshaped America.
Published by Penguin on March 1, 1993
587 pages
ISBN: 9780140094602
Best for readers in College
This book provides valuable insights into Gender Equality and Racial Justice, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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