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Betty Friedan: The Personal Is Political (Longman American Biography Series)

This book is about Betty Friedan
"Betty Friedan: The Personal Is Political" delves into the life of Betty Friedan, a pivotal figure in the women's rights movement, whose work transcended the boundaries of the personal and the political. Published as part of the Longman American Biography Series on October 26, 2007, this biography explores nearly five decades of Friedan's activism, from her early days challenging anti-Semitism at Smith College to her influential role in founding the National Organization for Women. Through her seminal book, "The Feminine Mystique," Friedan articulated the silent frustrations of suburban housewives, linking personal feelings to broader societal patterns, and spearheaded campaigns against wage discrimination and for gender equality. The narrative not only chronicles her public achievements but also gives insight into her personal struggles with marriage, motherhood, and divorce, offering a complex portrait of a woman who profoundly shaped the discourse on gender, racial, and economic justice. Ideal for college students studying American history, this biography connects Friedan's personal journey to larger historical themes and invites readers to reflect on the ongoing challenges in achieving equality.
Published by Pearson on October 26, 2007
208 pages
ISBN: 9780321393883
Best for readers in College
This book provides valuable insights into Economic JusticeGender Equality, and Racial Justice, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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