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Cover of the book Before She was Harriet (Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Books)

Before She was Harriet (Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Books)

This book is about Harriet Tubman
"Before She was Harriet" is a captivating exploration into the many lives of Harriet Tubman, whose journey from slavery to freedom was only the beginning of her legacy. Through a series of evocative poems paired with James Ransome's stunning watercolors, this book delves into Tubman's diverse roles—from the fearless "General Tubman" to the liberating "Moses." Each name she bore unveils a new facet of her indomitable spirit, from her early days as Minty, a slave whose resilience knew no bounds, to her profound moments under the stars as Araminta, learning the first whispers of liberty. This lush, lyrical biography not only honors Tubman's journey but also elevates it to a source of inspiration and courage, resonating deeply with themes of racial justice, gender equality, and indigenous rights. Published on November 7, 2017, and adorned with awards like the Coretta Scott King Honor and the Christopher Award, this masterpiece is ideal for elementary school readers eager to discover the multifaceted history of a true American hero. How will Harriet Tubman inspire you to see the courage within?
Published by Holiday House on November 7, 2017
32 pages
ISBN: 9780823420476
Best for readers in Elementary School
This book provides valuable insights into Gender EqualityIndigenous Rights, and Racial Justice, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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