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Al on America

This book is about Al Sharpton
"Al on America" presents the bold insights of Al Sharpton, a prominent social justice leader and founder of the National Action Network. Published on January 1, 2002, this book delves into a variety of pressing issues ranging from economic policies and foreign affairs to family values and the war on drugs. Sharpton's narrative is particularly poignant as it explores the intersections of economic, racial, and criminal justice. His commentary on conflict in the Middle East and other global topics underscores the complexity of striving for justice in a multifaceted world. Ideal for adult education groups, this book not only educates but also challenges readers to reflect on the broader implications of policy and personal responsibility in shaping a just society. "Al on America" is a thought-provoking journey through the lens of a seasoned activist, urging readers to consider how they can contribute to meaningful change.
Published by Kensington Pub Corp on January 1, 2002
304 pages
ISBN: 9780758203502
Best for readers in Adulthood
This book provides valuable insights into Criminal Justice ReformEconomic Justice, and Racial Justice, highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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