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Ahed Tamimi: A Girl who Fought Back

This book is about Ahed Tamimi
"Ahed Tamimi: A Girl Who Fought Back" delves into the dramatic and inspiring life of Ahed Tamimi, a young Palestinian girl thrust into the international spotlight following her arrest by Israeli forces in December 2017. Born into the turmoil of Nabi Saleh, a West Bank village known for its steadfast peaceful resistance, Ahed's story is a poignant testament to the struggle for racial justice. This narrative, co-authored by Paul Morris, Paul Heron, Peter Lahti, and Ahed's aunt Manal Tamimi, captures not only a personal journey of courage and defiance but also illuminates the broader context of ongoing conflict and the everyday realities of those living under occupation. Highlighting key moments such as the protest where Ahed stood up against an Israeli soldier after her cousin was gravely injured, the book provides a powerful look at the resilience and hope that can emerge from the heart of struggle. Published on April 9, 2018, this book is a crucial read for high school students seeking to understand the complexities of global racial justice issues and the human stories behind the headlines.
Published by Vaktel Forlag on April 9, 2018
180 pages
ISBN: 9789188441263
Best for readers in High School
This book provides valuable insights into Racial Justice , highlighting key issues and advancements within these areas

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